We formed CIDC because having lived in Canada and in the Diaspora the founders of CIDC saw that education is important in the transformation of lives and in making a difference in society. We recognized that there are many children in Africa whose talents and skills have been underutilized and not tapped at all. The mission of the CIDC is to fill in this void and vacuum by enhancing their god-given potential to the fullest by providing them with educational opportunities to realize their dreams and aspiration.

  Education Gap in Africa

There is ample and demonstrated and statistical proof that in most countries in Sub-Saharan Africa that the budget allocated for education is not adequate and is often squandered by African elites who govern these societies. There is a gross allocation of resources – Teachers suffer from a lack adequate training, under resourced and their communication skills leave a lot to be desired. In addition low salaries and the low living standards hamper their motivation skills to be effective educators.

Building upon this premise, CIDC is primarily concerned and care about the plight of African men, women, and children who are in desperate social and economic needs. The Foundation is a result of what many of us have observed on the ground, see on television, and read in newspapers and magazines about the living conditions of the poor people with disability on the African continent.

Primary school enrolment in African countries is among the lowest in the world. Limited funds and a lack of adequate teachers, classrooms, and learning materials adversely affect the educational environment throughout and most of Africa

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